What to expect:

CrownTown Counseling believes the most important part of psychotherapy is the client-therapist relationship.  Therapists at CrownTown offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to all potential clients in order to ensure that he/she a good fit for what services are being sought and will help facilitate appropriate referrals if indicated.  Depending on the reason psychotherapy is being sought, CrownTown therapists will work with clients to resolve problems or reduce symptoms in the shortest time possible, however the therapists have the expertise, experience, and skills to work with clients who present with mental, emotional, or relational problems that require more intensive, long-term treatment.  

During the first couple of sessions, a CrownTown therapist gathers information and actively listens to the client about reasons therapy is being sought and then collaboratively creates a plan of action based on his/her assessment and the client’s goals. The length of treatment and the timing of the eventual termination of treatment depend on the specifics of the treatment plan and the progress the client achieves. In collaboration with the therapist, a plan for termination is made and discussed as client approaches the completion of his/her treatment goals.

Clients may discontinue therapy at any time. If either the therapist or the client determines that he or she are not benefiting from treatment, either party may elect to initiate a discussion of treatment alternatives. Treatment alternatives may include, among other possibilities, referral, changing your treatment plan, or terminating therapy.

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