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Photo by sk901/iStock / Getty Images

Life can throw us curveballs when we least expect it as well as pose challenges and stress that can be difficult to tackle.  Whether you are facing a short-term circumstance or have been struggling with the ability to effectively manage a chronic situation, CrownTown Counseling meets clients wherever they are on their life journey and provides guidance and assistance to achieve resolution while improving functioning internally and within relationships.

CrownTown Counseling understands that no person or situation is exactly the same and each client system is approached through an individualized lens in order to tailor treatment so that it accurately mirrors each individual’s specific needs and goals.

Whether you are experiencing individual challenges, conflict or struggles in your relationships, or simply want to seek opportunities for growth, CrownTown Counseling provides confidential and professional client-centered and strength-based therapy to individuals, couples, and families.

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Areas of Specialty

Couple’s Therapy: CrownTown Counseling has extensive knowledge and experience with treating clients who are facing concerns within their intimate partner relationships. Strength- and attachment-based theoretical orientations and treatment interventions are utilized to address concerns associated with communication patterns, conflict resolution, trust, intimacy, ambivalence, co-parenting, roles/responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries within a relationship.  Pre-marital counseling and couple’s therapy is also offered to clients who are looking to build on their foundation and develop tools that will assist them in growing in and maintaining their relationship satisfaction.

Grief/Bereavement: Unfortunately loss is an inevitable part of life and comes in many forms that can include an unexpected death, chronic illness, the end of a relationship, or loss of employment.  Grief is experienced differently by each of us in terms of duration, severity, and impact on functioning depending on the circumstances and our typical coping styles.  CrownTown Counseling offers guidance, education, tools, and support to grieving individuals in order to effectively navigate the stages of grief in ways that feel comfortable to the client.  

Military: CrownTown Counseling has ample experience working with the military on local Navy installations as well as in private practice to treat active duty service members and their dependents who present to therapy with stressors and issues associated with the military lifestyle.  Although military members and their families have access to free and low-cost counseling through the government, concerns related to privacy and confidentiality often arise which have potential to impact an individual’s career.  CrownTown Counseling provides therapy services in a safe, supportive, and confidential setting that can offer some peace of mind to individuals seeking help.

Depression/Anxiety: Millions of adults suffer from some form of anxiety and depression during their lifetime and psychotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for these mental health conditions.  Through thorough biopsychosocial assessments, CrownTown Counseling treats anxiety and depressive disorders by utilizing client-centered and evidence-based interventions to identify and target contributing factors.  Clients are educated and offered effective tools and coping skills to better manage their symptoms as well as to improve their overall functioning.

what we do

CrownTown Counseling utilizes therapies and interventions that focuses on improving each area of the mind-body-social relationship in order to facilitate change.

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